Welcome to the LG Optimus L3 ii and L5 ii Free Case offer with O2

How It Works

  1. Purchase a new LG Optimus L3 ii or LG Optimus L5 ii from O2 between the promotion dates of 6th June 2013 and 31st July 2013
  2. Submit your online claim within 30 days of making your purchase
  3. If your claim is approved, we will send you 2 free cases for your new LG Optimus handset within 28 days

* Terms & Conditions apply, click here for details.

Qualifying Products

Claim your 2 free cases when you purchase an LG Optimus L3 ii or LG Optimus L5 ii handset from O2.

You must purchase your new Optimus handset from an authorised O2 store or partner - either On-Line, In-Store, or via an O2 Call Centre.

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